A Technical cause in losing the Semifinal Pakistan Vs. India

A Technical cause in losing the Semifinal Pakistan Vs. India

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Pakistan against India ICC World Cup semi final held on 30th March at Mohali cricket stadium. It was an interesting matches as well as people of both countries had high ambition to win this semi final. A number of sharp comments delivered by the people that this is the final of World Cup.

A Technical cause in losing the Semifinal Pakistan Vs. India

In the end of this match Pakistan lost this match by the 29 runs as well as India won it. There was a disappointment on Pakistan side. People were criticizing the Pakistani team that they did not played well, there was bad fielding and also irresponsibility shown by the senior players. So there were words as per the strength of the people who watched this semi final.

A Technical cause in losing the Semifinal Pakistan Vs. India
A Technical cause in losing the Semifinal Pakistan Vs. India

There are a few technical aspect of losing the match which are stated below-

There are three types of coaches in the world.

1:- Experience based coaches

2:- Knowledge based coaches

3:- Compound Coaches.

Experience Based Coaches

These kinds of coaches are nominated by the relevant sports organization for the National teams who played well in their sports career as a player. No doubt that they played well and created new records in matches and there is no other like them to trained the team members as they were in the field. It reflects that if they were good ten years before definitely they will use all the training methodology used for them for the matches or for the preparation.

Knowledge Based Coaches

These kinds of coaches are mostly theoretical based coaches and know the most scientific improvement in sports. They can make plans based on scientific lines. They never played and never created new records because they were not present in the ground. Some examples have been observed in football world cup when second form of coaches was attached with the high ranked teams and they showed good performance.

Compound Coaches

These kinds of coaches are like the double edge sword. They were in the field at normal level and also they are interested to know the latest improvements in the field of sports sciences.

They know how to make training plans, how to select the exercises for the players, what and when exercises are suitable for the players, which player need what and how much exercise as per their age and recovery, how to make the recovery, competition strategy, what intensity of training, volume of training and frequency of the exercises required, sports psychology and etc?

What Happened to Pakistan Team?

After clearing the definitions of coaches I would like to explain my observation. During the semi final our cricket team boys were looking tired and exhausted. They were not able to chase the ball to save the boundary. The drop of 5 catches means their concentrations were loose and this is the main reason of fatigue. A fully recovered athlete always acts like Cheetah. They were not fully recovered.

Why they were not recovered?


Plyometrics exercises were being used for the players fluently and as per sports training methodology one plyometrics exercises leave high level fatigue to the players and player should be given 3 days gap between two plyometrics exercise for the better recovery. Because all the explosive exercises need more recovery period for better results. Pakistan team was using plyometrics (Jumps) near about every day.

Plyometrics exercises are used to develop explosive qualities or for the swiftness or suppleness and these qualities should be enhanced at the beginning of the plan for the preparation not at the final stage. But unfortunately our National team were using at the final stage.


There is a sports training principal that training should be specified. A bates man should go for the batting and a bowler should be go for the bowling during the final stage of preparation. Here I want give one example for more understanding the matter. If there is a boxer, preparing fore the Olympics and coach will give him a bicycle every day to go for 50 km run. How he will compete in side the ring? It is clear that he should be given sparing, punching and for correct and fast foot work or he should be given bouts for the final preparation.


Recovery or rest is an integral part of training and one hard exercise took more than 48 hours to recover and recovery is also strongly connected with the age factors. Plus 30 athletes need more rest to recover because of age factor. And everybody knows very well that our senior players were looking more tired because they were under rest. Not recovered from the previous hard training sessions.


Our National cricket team coaches ignored all the scientific principles of loading in training and I hope that they will go through the most and latest sports sciences improvements in future to avoid this kind of mistakes. They will follow the training system and select all the required exercises as per situation.


Keeping the overall performance of Pakistan cricket team was good they fought well and showed their performance with tired body. This was an angle purely relevant with the training and coaching methodology. Pakistan need more compound coaches. Well aware of knowledge and experienced based for the future successes. Good Luck to Pakistan Sports.

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