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Sport is the game played by all to relax and enjoy well with the friends and families. In the stressful environment, you can’t find time to play and relax so you can play even at online. It is governed by rules and regulations of the organization. In the world, you can find a lot of games like bandy, badminton, volleyball, basketball etc. Playing each and every game gives you a different experience. It is enjoyed by participants and non-participants with large crowds.


Gaming gives you good concentration power and improves your body in terms of improving muscle and its strength of the body. In today’s world, you people find to reduce your body fat and calories if you play a sport like bandy gives you to reduce body fat. In this article, you can gain information about the game bandy and its techniques.


About the game:

Bandy is the winter game and it is played in the winter season. Bandy is the second largest game in the world. This game is played on ice with the help of sticks to hit the ball into opponent team goal point. Like football, this game is played for 45 minutes and there will be eleven players on each team. Court of this game is same as like as football court. The ball is made up of plastic. Bandy is the combination of ice hockey, football, ice hockey and field hockey. The objective of this game is that skaters have to hit the ball to the net.


It is the game played between two teams. In each team, there should be eleven players including a goalkeeper. The main important rule is that players should not touch the ball with the help of head, hands or arms except goalkeeper. Players can use their sticks to move the ball if not then the penalty is given to them. This game is the free flowing game and stopped when there is interrupt like the ball is out of the game or stopped by referee. Players of this game can switch to their positions at any time. Rules of the game position are only applicable to the goalkeeper.

Rules of the game:

If you think that the game is should be proper and to win. Then obey the rules and regulations of the game. There are eighteen basic rules applied in this game. Their rules are functioned under a federation of the international bandy and that is guided by rules and committee of the referee. The certain rules of the game are

  • The player should wear helmet, pair of skates, mouth guard and for a goalkeeper, face guard is a must.
  • The uniform is must and goalkeeper should wear separate color.
  • Played can replace by substitutes at anytime
  • Bandy stick is the important thing and it should be made up of wood and it should not contain any sharp materials.
  • The game is about 45 minutes and 15 minutes break time is permitted.
  • According to the rules, the ball can go in and out of the play.
  • If there is any mischief then the player should give free stroke and penalty shots.

Warning and penalties:

This is the action taken by the referee to the players because of their behaviour during this game ten-minute penalty is awarded by players by giving blue and red card.penalty is given if the player attacks the another player violently, stopping the ball, or behaving incorrectly. If the penalty is given the third time then he must be replaced by the substitute for ten minutes. If the red card is given then it is the match penalty.

Final words:

Bandy is the interesting game to be played on ice. Players who like to play in ice can adopt this game. Because of this game, you can improve muscle tone and playing you can enjoy wonderful moments.

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