How to Block in Volleyball?

How to Block in Volleyball?

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There are numbers of tactics in volleyball that might as well vary from team to another. The block is considered as primary method of defense for some. But for others, blockers might be used effectively in order to take up the space diggers that are not defending.

How to Block in Volleyball?

Two of the strategies in terms of blocking in volleyball might include the following along with their advantages and disadvantages:

How to Block in Volleyball?
How to Block in Volleyball?

The Read Strategy

  • Once the blockers are capable of reading the hitters well it could make the defense a lot easier. It could be a lot easier to dig once the blockers are capable of blocking well. Hitters might be confused and might not know where to hit once they are being read. Blocking the ball through reading could cause hitters to make poor decisions and so gives easier ball to dig along with easier shots to chase down.
  • Once the blockers get a bad read into the ball, most of the time the ball will ricochet off the hands in a way which makes it unplayable for defense. And also even if they do get great read once the blocking technique is not good they might as well not get too many blocks.

The Area Strategy

  • Once the team has big blockers, it might be good for blocking to make your opponents hit where you might want them to. This is good since the opposing attacks are considered to be more predictable.
  • If you are to take away area with the block, you might force hitters to hit at the defenders however if you don’t play defense well this might not be the best strategy to consider for defense.

Which is better between arms up and down once in blocking ready position?

It would be of great idea to have the arms up ready in order to reach above the net in blocking a quick set. And in order to develop consistent blocking movement at the net it would be best to keep the arms up.

On the other hand, you might develop a technique to be used in order to jump higher through the use of arms once blocking considered as swing block. Swing blocking is considered as effective way in order to use the arms in jumping higher once blocking. In order to swing block to the left, you need to move both hands down into the left side of the body as you move to the left. And once you plan to jump, squat down as you face the left. Then jump up and also swing your body into the right to face the net penetrating the hands and arms over the net.

Some other volleyball strategies that will surprise the opposing attackers will include the following:

  • Soft Block. This would be blocking the ball within a way that you are just to try keeping the ball in play. This is usually done through reaching high and back once blocking in order to deflect the ball up so the teammates could make a play.
  • Split Block. This is where you are to talk with other blockers ahead of time as well as decide the middle blocker would be taking the angle hit and also the right or outside blocker would be taking line. There would be a hole between the two blockers in order for the diggers to defend.
  • Solo Blocking. There might be three strategies with solo blocking and those are solo blocking angle, solo blocking line and spread blocking as well.If you really want to play volleyball then learning certain strategies should be considered. Blocking is one among the best techniques that should be mastered if you want to be a professional volleyball player.

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