Know more about the test match and fielding positions in the Cricket game

Know more about the test match and fielding positions in the Cricket game

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In earlier the international form in cricket is test match.  The match lasts five days. In the test match there will be a resting period after 2nd or 3rd of the test match. And in the year 1980’s the system of rest day was discontinued. Now only five days are given for a test match decision.

Know more about the test match and fielding positions in the Cricket game

The innings in cricket game:

  1. The test match consists of 2 innings for each team. First before start of the game coin is tossed into the sky and winner decides whether to bat or field. The batting side tries to score as many runs and on the other hand it tries to save the wicket for being out or dismissed. The fielding side captain organizes or places its players in such a way so that the batsmen are restricted from scoring the runs and also trying to dismiss them.
  2. The batting side if scores sufficient runs before being out and it feel that the other team may not score that much runs it has option to declare the innings. As such it invites the other side to play and to bat. The team which scores more runs in total of two innings is declared as winner.
Know more about the test match and fielding positions in the Cricket game
Know more about the test match and fielding positions in the Cricket game

Follow On- If the team batting first time after the team which has already batted fails to score less than one third the runs of first team or it scores 200 less runs than the first team, can be allowed to follow on and to play for the second time in continuity. This is the option available to the team which has batted first. If the follow on is given, the team which had batted first can bat second innings after this team is all out.

Draw of the Match- If all the four innings are not completed and all the batsmen are not dismissed within a period of five days the match is declared as draw.

If it is foreseen by the batting side that it will not be possible for them to score more runs to win the match, they use techniques to linger on the game and try not to be dismissed so that the match could end in a draw. So this is all about the cricket match. If you want to know more about the test matches then please let us know we will post more test match information through our article and will give you good information about cricket and test.

Fielding positions in the cricket game:

From the starting stage it is believed that the cricket game is consider as the game of Gentlemen. There are many fielding positions for the fielding team. There are many potential technical terms which are confusing by the names given to them. Most of the terms relate to the fielding positions

  • STRAIGHT: This is an imaginary line which is closer through the field of play. It is in front of the batter (batsman).
  • WIDE: It is farther from the center of the field and is on both sides of imaginary straight line. It is also in front of the batsman.
  • FINE: It is closer to the imaginary line through the center of field of play but it is behind the batsman and also the wicket keeper.
  • SQUARE: It is farther from the imaginary line through the center of the field. It is also behind the batsman and wicket keeper. It is also on both sides of imaginary line.
  • FORWARD: This is the position in front of batsman’s wicket.
  • BACKWARD: This is the position behind the wicket of batsman.
  • SHORT: This position is closer to batsman.
  • SILLY: This position is very close to the batsman. This is a dangerous position for the fielder as there are chances of injury of hard hitting ball by the batsman. It seems that this position name has its relevance to the word silly.
  • DEEP: This position is farther and away from the batsman.

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