INTRODUCTION What is Basketball? It is a team game in which all players work together to bounce a ball down the length of a court and throw it in the basket. In basketball, two teams of five players plays on a rectangular court. All the players participate to score points by successfully throwing the ball through the nets that hang from hoops at both the ends of the court. A

Basic Information about the Tennis

Tennis is one of the greatest standard singular sports in the domain. In tennis, the player practices a row to success a ball above a net into the challenger’s court. The ball essential is preserved in play and can only spring one time on the court surface previously the challenger must raid the ball back above the net. The normal ball is prepared up of touched over hollow rubber. Basic

Know more about the test match and fielding positions in the Cricket game

In earlier the international form in cricket is test match.  The match lasts five days. In the test match there will be a resting period after 2nd or 3rd of the test match. And in the year 1980’s the system of rest day was discontinued. Now only five days are given for a test match decision. Know more about the test match and fielding positions in the Cricket game The


Sport is the game played by all to relax and enjoy well with the friends and families. In the stressful environment, you can’t find time to play and relax so you can play even at online. It is governed by rules and regulations of the organization. In the world, you can find a lot of games like bandy, badminton, volleyball, basketball etc. Playing each and every game gives you a

A Technical cause in losing the Semifinal Pakistan Vs. India

Pakistan against India ICC World Cup semi final held on 30th March at Mohali cricket stadium. It was an interesting matches as well as people of both countries had high ambition to win this semi final. A number of sharp comments delivered by the people that this is the final of World Cup. A Technical cause in losing the Semifinal Pakistan Vs. India In the end of this match Pakistan

2012 Olympics Venue Review

ExCel is a sporting venue that needs no introductions. With its comprehensive décor and state-of-the-art facilities, ExCel is one site that emerges as one of the strongest contenders for hosting any of the Olympic sport events. Being one of those London’s venues that have been revamped for the 2012 London Olympic Games, this arena truly deserves kudos for the graceful way it has accommodated and enchanted spectators all these years.

How to Block in Volleyball?

There are numbers of tactics in volleyball that might as well vary from team to another. The block is considered as primary method of defense for some. But for others, blockers might be used effectively in order to take up the space diggers that are not defending. How to Block in Volleyball? Two of the strategies in terms of blocking in volleyball might include the following along with their advantages

Dig Strategies in Volleyball

Dig is considered as one of the most important strategies in volleyball. The fundamental strategies in order to make volleyball dig are to set up around the block, read the hitter and also dig into the target. Teammates would most of the time decide ahead of time how they would defend a hitter. The blockers should communicate with the defense regarding who is blocking and also where on the court

Cadiz CF & Segunda Division B: The Third level of the Spanish football league system

Football is one of the most favorite sports of all times. With the domination of football not only in western countries but also in the eastern nation, surely you’ve already heard about the term ‘Segunda Division B’ whenever you turn on your TV and watch your favorite Spanish football league. For those people who don’t know what Segunda Division B is- it is a 3rd level Spanish football league system